Thursday, December 15, 2011

Beaded Jewelry Collections by

Growing up in a home with both artistic and creative parents, it was a given that it was in my blood to become an artist. I have dabbled in everything from ceramics, batiking and silk dying, to watercolor, sewing and photography, but it was jewelry design where I found a good niche.

Beaded Jewelry Collections by

Thanks to an exceptionally encouraging husband and loving family I was able to quit my day job and focus my attention 100% to playing with beautiful beads and creating jewelry ALL DAY LONG!

It was a dream come true - and still is. Now I have been in the jewelry business almost 10 years and counting. My collections have grown to include custom bridal sets, beaded bookmarks, one of a kind pieces and a new catalog. I am continuously evolving and stay up to date on the trends and new ideas in the industry.

I studied through the Toledo Museum of Art to perfect my use of the torch and workings with metal. I try to make a conscious effort to think outside the box with every piece, to set myself apart from the pack and keep my customers curious.

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