Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Beaded Jewelry - Shamballa Bracelet from Tanai.com

TANAI is a company dedicated to manufacturing and wholesaling jewelry in silver, stainless steel and fashion jewelry.  Currently it is one of the most important specializing in online sales.  With more than fifteen years of experience in the jewelry sector and five years of continued development through the Internet.
Beaded Jewelry - Shamballa Bracelet from Tanai.com
Our company is located in Thailand, a country that in the recent years has turned into a recognized regional center for its workmanship and refinement in the manufacturing of jewelry.
Shamballa Bracelet from Tanai.com
Our exclusive designs in silver, steel and fashion jewelry, created by different designers make our collections some of the most varied and vast in terms of style, forms, materials and colors.

For this purpose we also have the collaboration with factories in China, Hong Kong, India, Korea, Indonesia and Italy.  Each specializes in raw materials and different manufacturing techniques, making possible the wide array of diversity in merchandise that Tanai has.

As a result of this we offer a continuous renovation in our collections, following the latest trends in each country and season, thus satisfying the demand of consumers.

Official website www.tanai.com


  1. I love shamballa bracelets. they are just gorgeous and seems to be very popular these days.

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