Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Saint Valentine Gifts for Him - Mens Jewelry at Nialaya.com

Nialaya is founded by Danish-born designer Jannik Olander. The company is based in Los Angeles with offices in New York City and Copenhagen, but the precious and semi-precious stones, beads, materials and other items you see in Nialaya’s collections are handpicked by the designer on his travels around the world.
Mens Jewelry at Nialaya.com With a past in Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger, the native Danish Viking has always had a love for style and luxury, but it is the many trips to the Far East that have made his taste eclectic and diverse.Bali, Thailand and India have become the designer’s favorite destinations for collecting inspiration, gaining insight, inhaling and rejuvenating before a new piece of jewelry comes to life. Jannik handpicks the precious stones, beads and pendants that inspire him to create the next piece.
Saint Valentine Gifts for Him The energy, charisma and texture of each stone initiate the birth of a new collection. Every stone has healing powers and can amplify and increase the bearer’s own energy.By working closely with the different stones, being open and present in the moment when creating a new piece of jewelry, Jannik has discovered how the jewels help him gain clarity, inner peace and joy.

Upon completion, each piece is cleansed carefully with a purifying sage to remove all interfering energies from the stones. The cleaning process enhances the natural power of the stones and helps each piece of jewelry communicate better with its future bearer.

Nialaya carries a spiritual message to those in search of their own truth within. Each piece of jewelry is carefully put together, ensuring that the energy of the stones supports the bearer in his or her dreams.

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